Fabric Bowl Covers

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Fabric Bowl Covers – never use clingwrap again!

Here at Planet Revive we are always doing our best to reduce waste. We would like to give you the option of having no packaging or labels.

Product Description

Fabric Bowl Covers

These stunning handmade reusable bowl covers beat disposable clingwrap any day of the week! Covering bowls sustainably, stylishly and conveniently has never been easier. Bowl covers feature an elastic edge so they fit snugly around bowls plus they have two layers of cotton so they are easy to clean.

Reusable bowl covers are perfect for covering salads, your dough as it rises, food at meal-times, baking, leftovers, picnics, BBQs, camping, al fresco dining, party food – anything you want to keep flies, hands, and air off.

They come in a set of 3.

Small – 17cm diameter
Medium – 22cm diameter
Large – 27cm diameter

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