Soft Mesh Makeup Wipes

$27.50 Inc GST

Double sided 100% Cotton Flannelette. These will save you money, reduces landfill and waste.

Here at Planet Revive we are always doing our best to reduce waste. We would like to give you the option of having no packaging or labels.

Product Description

Soft Mesh Makeup Wipes

Our Cotton Mesh Exfoliating Make Up Wipes are the perfect replacement for disposable cotton balls or MU wipes.  They are double sided 100% Cotton Flannelette with an added layer of cotton mesh to give an extra exfoliant.  These will save you money, reduces landfill and waste.

Available as a set of 10.  They are 9 x 9 cm which is larger than most reusable MU wipes on the market.

Benefits of Reusable Make Up Pads
Super Absorbent
100% Reusable
Reduces Landfill

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Please wash prior to use.  They are fully machine washable and air dry.  We recommend you do not use fabric softeners as this will reduce their absorbency.

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