Unpaper Towels™ Lemon

Unpaper Towels (5 Pack) will help you tackle the war on waste! They can be washed and reused over and over.  These all-purpose wipes are perfect for eco-friendly households and can be used for almost anything or a funky statement piece in the kitchen.

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Product Description

Unpaper Towels are a very stylish alternative to paper towels and are more eco-friendly as well!  They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for.

Each set comes with 5 eco-friendly towels (24 x 24 cm).  The individual towels have 4 clips that allow you to join them back together (you can also choose not to have clips if you prefer to fold them and keep them on your bench or use as napkins).

Top stitched to ensure the will never lose their shape.  Unpaper Towels can be washed in cold or hot water, air dried and snapped back on ready to use again.

Available in many gorgeous patterns to ensure they will suit any kitchen.

Choose from either 100% Bamboo or 100% Cotton Towelling backing.

Holder not included. Check out our Unpaper Towel Holder for only $33 (Ex GST).

Benefits of Unpaper Towel
Super Absorbent
100% Reusable
Reduces Landfill

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Please wash prior to use.  They are fully machine washable and air dry.  We recommend you do not use fabric softeners as this will reduce their absorbency.

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