Heat Pack – Shoulder

$90.00 Inc GST

Soothe sore muscles or keep warm and cosy this winter with our stunning handmade heat bags.

Here at Planet Revive we are always doing our best to reduce waste. We would like to give you the option of having no packaging or labels.

Product Description

Heat Pack – Shoulder


Want to find a better way to relax? Comfortably hugs your shoulders to relive sore muscles.

As with all of our products these are 100% plastic, chemical and nasty free.  Made from 100% cotton and inside has 100%  Australian Lupins.  Our heat packs are a little different to others because they contain Lupin (a legume grown right here in Queensland) instead of wheat, barley, rice. Lupin is a great alternative because it is odourless when heated unlike traditional heat bags which develop a ‘cooked’ or ‘burnt’ smell over time. Lupins also retain their heat for longer, they are lighter than wheat and they don’t sweat when heated.

To cool simply put in the freezer 30 minute prior to use.   To heat pop in the microwave for increments of 30 seconds until you reach the perfect temperature.  Make sure you don’t overheat and put directly onto your eyes.

Care Instructions

Do not wash. Use damp cloth to wipe off any marks.



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